The Culling Trials

The Culling Trials

You Don’t Choose The Academy. The Academy Chooses You.

Being accepted into an elite school of magic, monsters, and assassins was not my idea of higher education. But here I am, fighting my way through the Culling Trials to claim my right to be taught.

As if the gauntlet-type physical and mental tests aren’t enough, people are going missing.

People that are my friends.

In a dangerous world where no one is as they seem, the golden rule is simple: Trust no one. They think we should just look out for ourselves. That we should leave the fallen behind and ask no questions.

They clearly think we’re idiots. I got this far by trusting my instincts, and I’m not going to back down now.

Those kids won’t be left to die.

Not on my watch.

Shadowspell Academy Book 1 and Shadowspell Academy Book 2 end with a cliffhanger

Book 3 will release June 11, 2019

Title:The Culling Trials
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    The Culling Trials Reviews

  • Al *the semi serial series skipper*

    I enjoyed this book but for the life of me I don't understand what is going on. The writing is great, you keep reading and reading until the very end when you realize there is no plot line. The only t...

  • Gaby?Me Myshelf and I?

    1.34 x longer than book 1 2 x house trials= A Honey Badgering good timeBook 1⭐⭐⭐⭐Book 2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐Wild has the worst kept secret in the whole of the Academy, so this lost the “Mulan” thi...

  • Lien

    I'm so confused. Will there be more than 3 books in the series? Because there is absolutely no way Breene & Mayer can bring this to a satisfying ending with only one more book. There are too many unan...

  • Sarah

    The Culling Trials book 2 picks up Wild's story immediately after the ending of the first instalment so please be aware there will be spoilers for the first book in this review. It's turning into a re...

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen

    ****4.5 Douche Canoe Stars****The book just goes too fast and it's over before I even know it and it leaves me wanting more and more!I don't think I can wait another month to find out what happens wit...

  • Debbie Turk

    A Pulse Pounding 4.5 Stars!!🌟💥Holy moley the tension goes up & down like a yo-yo in this book. I needed meds for my blood pressure & an inhaler for catching my breath!!😱😍Wild & her crew ar...

  • Tiera McMillian

    3.5 stars. Somewhere here in book 2 I started really connecting with the characters of this series. I'm pretty sure it was right about the time a certain someone was fangirling hard core about unicorn...

  • Cam

    I’m really enjoying this series.... This book picks right up where it left off in the first book. This book is a combination of Harry Potter meets hunger games....

  • Jennifer

    Wild and her group continues to face the Culling Trials, each one geared to a different House. It becomes clear that someone is trying to kill Wild as their trials are much more difficult than other g...

  • Natalie panda eyes

    Continuing on from Pete getting an eyeful, Wild being a girl is the worst kept secret going. Sunshine has lost his appeal and feels like a bad guy creeper. Rory- well I’m hoping Wild’s lie detecto...