Giants of Enterprise: Seven Business Innovators and the Empires They Built

Giants of Enterprise: Seven Business Innovators and the Empires They Built

Seven business innovators and the empires they built.

The pre-eminent business historian of our time, Richard S. Tedlow, examines seven great CEOs who successfully managed cutting-edge technology and formed enduring corporate empires.

With the depth and clarity of a master, Tedlow illuminates the minds, lives and strategies behind the legendary successes of our times:

. George Eastman and his invention of the Kodak camera;

. Thomas Watson of IBM;

. Henry Ford and his automobile;

. Charles Revson and his use of television advertising to drive massive sales for Revlon;

. Robert N. Noyce, co-inventor of the integrated circuit and founder of Intel;

. Andrew Carnegie and his steel empire;

. Sam Walton and his unprecedented retail machine, Wal-Mart.

Title:Giants of Enterprise: Seven Business Innovators and the Empires They Built
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    Giants of Enterprise: Seven Business Innovators and the Empires They Built Reviews

  • Kent

    These are fascinating stories to me of business success against severe challenges. The individuals chosen exhibited similar drive, strengths and faults. ...

  • Kim

    The book is a collection of biopics of seven of the greatest visionaries who transformed American industry and/or retail, these being Andrew Carnegie (steel magnate), George Eastman (Kodak), Henry For...

  • Vanessa Neumann

    I read more than half of it over Christmas, when I had time. I loved the perspective: 7 Americans who changed industries, and therefore America and then world. It's honest as to why it's all White men...

  • CarlyKay

    Pretty interesting read. Sheds light on the businesses world. . Good. I guess I would recommend to others. Pretty interesting history of some of the USAs most influential people ever. ...

  • Rohit Nallapeta

    It's a mixed bag biopic. Some stories were researched well and had a great narrative, some went haywire. I'd not consider this as essential reading....

  • David Liu

    pretty good overview of the life of a group outstanding entrepreneurs. ...

  • Patrick

    If you've never red a business history book and don't know anything about guys like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Sam Walton, Thomas Watson, etc., then this might be OK to get start. But if you are fam...

  • Joseph

    I read the book because I was interested in the topic - learning about the most successful people in business over the last approx. 100 years. The writing and the way the book was organized was averag...

  • Stefania Shaffer

    Learning how Ford and Rockefeller got their start is interesting, even if you think you’ve heard it all before. This profiles innovators in the late 19th century to show how their brilliant minds wo...

  • Jonathan Mah

    I enjoyed learning about the seven influential business figures presented in this book. Especially some of the figures you don't hear much about. Most know of Ford and Carnegie, but fewer know of Revs...