The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade

From the Hugo Award­­–winning author of The Stars Are Legion comes a brand-new science fiction thriller about a futuristic war during which soldiers are broken down into light in order to get them to the front lines on Mars.

They said the war would turn us into light.
I wanted to be counted among the heroes who gave us this better world.

The Light Brigade: it’s what soldiers fighting the war against Mars call the ones who come back…different. Grunts in the corporate corps get busted down into light to travel to and from interplanetary battlefronts. Everyone is changed by what the corps must do in order to break them down into light. Those who survive learn to stick to the mission brief—no matter what actually happens during combat.

Dietz, a fresh recruit in the infantry, begins to experience combat drops that don’t sync up with the platoon’s. And Dietz’s bad drops tell a story of the war that’s not at all what the corporate brass want the soldiers to think is going on.

Is Dietz really experiencing the war differently, or is it combat madness? Trying to untangle memory from mission brief and survive with sanity intact, Dietz is ready to become a hero—or maybe a villain; in war it’s hard to tell the difference.

A worthy successor to classic stories like Downbelow Station, Starship Troopers, and The Forever War, The Light Brigade is award-winning author Kameron Hurley’s gritty time-bending take on the future of war.

Title:The Light Brigade
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    The Light Brigade Reviews

  • Emily May

    I realized I might never know what really happened here. War was all about the annihilation of truth. Every good dictator and CEO knows that. What a fabulous mind fuck.I read this book because it cam...

  • Petrik

    4.5/5 starsThe Light Brigade is my first sci-fi read of the year (shocking, I know) and it’s also the first time I read Kameron Hurley’s book; I assure you it won’t be the last. “I suppose it...

  • Emma

    4.5 starsDietz’s family were destroyed in the Blink, wiped out in an instant. Nobody thought anything like that could happen, nobody knew tech like that existed. But the proof is in the absence of m...

  • Bradley

    Here's another WOW title. I've enjoyed Kameron Hurley's other novels quite a lot but nothing prepared me for this one.It's the spiritual grandson (or grandaughter) of Haldeman's The Forever War and He...

  • Rebecca Roanhorse

    Starship Troopers meets Edge of Tomorrow. A grim and gritty future where wars are fought between corporations and the rest of us are ground in the machinery, but there's room for hope, and heroes, and...

  • Acqua

    I feel like I'm back to a Too Like the Lightning situation: this book is just as unreadable as it is clever. But finished it, and I have feelings, so it must mean something. How do I even rate somethi...

  • Jacqie

    Initially I was going to rate this a 3, but as I thought about it, I realized that I hadn't actually enjoyed the book much.There are a lot of books that this book reminds me of. Dietz, the main charac...

  • Lindsay

    I've been thinking about this one for a week, wondering what to write as a review. It's complex, rewards a familiarity with the field as well as a careful reading of the text, but everything moves at ...

  • Tatiana

    I love a good time-travel mind-twister. This would make an excellent movie, if Edge Of Tomorrow didn't already exist. Is there more money to be made out of this type of time-bending military sci-fi? ...

  • Chris Berko

    Kameron Hurley is a super-fucking-badass. And I mean that in the most respectful way possible. This book is not only tremendously fun and exciting but it also has a lot to say about community and free...