Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation

Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation


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Back to Human
explains how a more socially connected workforce creates greater fulfillment, productivity, and engagement while preventing burnout and turnover.

The next generation of leaders must create a workplace where teammates feel genuinely connected, engaged, and empowered -- without relying on technology. Based on Dan Schawbel's exclusive research studies -- featuring the perspectives of over 2,000 managers and employees across different age groups -- Back to Human reveals why virtual communication, though vital and useful, actually contributes to a stronger sense of isolation at work than ever before. How can we change this culture?

Schawbel offers a self-assessment called the "Work Connectivity Index" that measures the strength of team relationships. He also shares exercises, examples, and activities that readers can work on individually or as a team, which will help them increase personal productivity, be more collaborative, and become more fulfilled at work.

Back to Human
ultimately helps you decide when and how to use technology to build better connections in your work life. It is a call to action to leaders across the world to make the workplace a better experience for all of us.

Title:Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation
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    Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation Reviews

  • Zohreh Avatefi hafez

    Back to human is about running out of the technology to the reality of the life in the work places. I appreciate this and use some of this book ‘s advices like connecting face to face with colleague...

  • june3

    This is not usually the type of book I would select for myself for personal reading. I selected it for study as part of a required learning program at my workplace designed to improve the skills of se...

  • Andrey

    Hopelessly out of date and out of touch. "If there's a client crisis, someone will call you..." Really. And I thought we should disconnect from technology - surely, that means giving up phones too, an...

  • Martti

    Kinda empty and fluffy manager-speak. Giving a lot of captain obvious advice about being empathic and needed face-to-face time in a highly connected workplace. Listen to your employees about their lik...

  • Bob Bemrose

    Overall, I found this book to be relatively disappointing. The book itself kind of reads like a management 101 book. Though it covers a lot of territory, I didn't find the content to be very deep, or ...

  • Chloe

    Love this book lots.It doesn't only give u meaningful and truthful experiment results and statistics, but interpret them in a way to help leaders to make their workplace better. And the author didn't ...

  • Brian Honigman

    Couldn't be more timely!Back to Human is Dan's best book yet as he dives into how leaders can counteract the negative impact of technology by cultivating a lasting connection amongst their teams.His b...

  • Mitalee | TheAvidBookerfly

    Key message -Too many leaders are reliant on technology, hiding behind it instead of having real conversations with people and ignoring the extent to which it prevents meaningful collaboration. In a w...

  • Felipe CZ

    A reflection of this new era. Technology is weakening relationships (or replacing them), so leaders should focus on ensuring true fulfillment for themselves and others. They should try to focus on pri...

  • David Wygant

    Let go of instant messaging and email in favor of face-to-face conversations. Listen to your employees about their likes and dislikes and their need to feel fulfilled at work. Embrace more personal wa...