A Duke in Disguise

A Duke in Disguise

One reluctant heir

If anyone else had asked for his help publishing a naughty novel, Ash would have had the sense to say no. But he’s never been able to deny Verity Plum. Now he has his hands full illustrating a book and trying his damnedest not to fall in love with his best friend. The last thing he needs is to discover he’s a duke’s lost heir. Without a family or a proper education, he’s had to fight for his place in the world, and the idea of it—and Verity—being taken away from him chills him to the bone.

One radical bookseller

All Verity wants is to keep her brother out of prison, her business afloat, and her hands off Ash. Lately it seems she’s not getting anything she wants. She knows from bitter experience that she isn’t cut out for romance, but the more time she spends with Ash, the more she wonders if maybe she’s been wrong about herself.

One disaster waiting to happen

Ash has a month before his identity is exposed, and he plans to spend it with Verity. As they explore their long-buried passion, it becomes harder for Ash to face the music. Can Verity accept who Ash must become or will he turn away the only woman he’s ever loved?

Content Warning: off page domestic violence, off page neglect of child, epileptic seizure

Title:A Duke in Disguise
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    A Duke in Disguise Reviews

  • WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. He held out a hairpin.“When did you start carrying those in y...

  • Navessa

    Damn it. I was sure I was going to love this one. I loved parts of it. But then there were other parts that were less enjoyable for me.*spoilers below*I love that Sebastian included so much real histo...

  • Caz

    I've given this a B at AAR.Cat Sebastian returns to Regency London for the second instalment of her  Regency Imposters  series, A Duke in Disguise, in which an illustrator and a prickly publisher w...

  • Sam (AMNReader)

    "Leave it to Ash to spend a fortnight courting the meanest cat in London." He looked at her, his eyes lit up with amusement, his mouth round with surprise. "He has a type." The first 20%-30% of this ...

  • ?Michaelle?

    It's Cat Sebastian...if anyone can get me to read a "straight up" MF title, she can....

  • Anne

    "Be serious, Plum. There's far too much cheese for you to eat on your own.""How little you know me," she said mournfully. This was a seduction. She was being seduced with cheese and lewd drawings and ...

  • Ashley

    I'm having trouble with this one! On the one hand, I liked it. On the other, I thought it needed just a little something else. I never really cared the way I should have, the way I've cared about her ...

  • Ami

    2.5 starsUnfortunately, this is my least favorite and probably, in my humble opinion, Sebastian's most below par novel to date. The reasons for 10 years pining and keeping the feelings to one self fee...

  • Stacee

    BFF to more is one of my favorite things, so I was all over this book + the promise of a new to me author was something I couldn’t ignore. I loved Verity and Ash. I loved their button pushing and lo...

  • Alison

    3.5 stars. Very enjoyable and amusing. It's Cat Sebastian, so that's a given, right? How cool to read a *queer* m/f historical romance! This is an entertaining radical love story about sedition and fr...