The Cursed Girl

The Cursed Girl

In a galaxy torn apart by war, where lives fade into darkness like nebulae of dead stars, stands a lonely girl whose destiny will intertwine with the fate of the Universe. Her name is Jocelyn Dark, one of a few surviving humans, and she’s dying.

The Xaksu warlords want to enslave her, the Asrai sovereignty wants to wield her as a weapon of magic, and the gods wishes to use her for their own purposes–all while her rotten blood slowly kills her. All Jocelyn wants is to experience the one thing that’s alluded her all her life: the feeling of meaning something to someone.

Can Jocelyn find a way to save her own life, while surviving the threats of alien invasions, warring gods, and the monsters lying in wait?

Title:The Cursed Girl
Edition Language:English
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    The Cursed Girl Reviews

  • Glenna Maynard

    Phenomenal is the first word I would pick when asked what I thought of Lore. I had no idea what to expect going in but this book took me on one heck of a journey that was truly out of this world. The ...

  • Jessica

    This book just wasn't my thing. I thought it was incredibly naive and predictable, but I probably would've loved it back in middle school. It had that same sort of feel to it. Everything was way over ...