Poor Relations

Poor Relations

"When it came down to it, you couldn't legislate against the economics of sex and gender any more than you could legislate against people being poor."

It's the twenty-fourth century. Humanity has spread throughout the solar system--but for most of us, life is as precarious as it was in Dickensian England. Brothers Achille, Marcantonio, and Nore have been raised rich, but after their father spends the family fortune and puts a laser to his head, they're forced to face facts. The wealthy Luke Bailey is willing to pay top dollar for what's left of their estate, enough to buy Achille a commission in the space Navy. But only if Marcantonio and Nore will both become female--Marcantonio to marry Luke, and Nore to be their spinster housekeeper, for as long as Luke lives.

Over the next two decades, the now-female Marcantonio and Nore struggle to make lives for themselves in the service of their wealthy keeper. Then the alien invasion arrives.

Title:Poor Relations
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  • Troubletail

    I'm going to withhold judgement until it's published - or at least until arc reviews start circulating- but is this blurb setting off warning flags for anyone else? I hope that JW makes a point of get...

  • Mel

    It looks like this book won't be published and I have to say that I'm not exactly thrilled about this.I mean, I wanted to read this, although the premise (forced gender change) sounds problematic. Act...

  • MB (What she read)

    If this is anything like as good as Tooth and Claw, I am so in.(Hard to top that one though...)...

  • Ada

    This could be super interesting or super disappointing.Er is geen middenweg. No way in between (I think that's how you translate that). ...

  • Jo Walton