20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course For Mastering Your Life Right Now

20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course For Mastering Your Life Right Now

The day for change is today and it's more simple than you realize.

Most people sleepwalk through day-to-day life, passively letting time slip away.  Unfortunately, the only thing that can usually wake people up to the intensity of life is impending death.  But what if it didn't have to be that way?  20,000 Days presents breathtakingly simple strategies and concepts that, once applied, will enable readers to be 100% present and intentional with every passing minute of every day, for the rest of their lives.

The book is designed to be read in under an hour and the effect is immediate.  Within each segment are tactics for mastering control for your life; principles such as:

Motivation is a myth
You only have two choices, yes and no
How to conquer rejection forever
How BECOMING the problem will SOLVE all your problems
Three sentences that will change your life immediately
These timeless principles apply to everyone from the pending graduate to the seasoned business professional; from the time-starved parent to the weary pastor to the restless entrepreneur.

On the 20,000th day of his life, the author sent an email that inspired and reminded a group of people of all ages to live in the moment.  This group now includes you.

Title:20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course For Mastering Your Life Right Now
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    20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course For Mastering Your Life Right Now Reviews

  • Chad Warner

    This short book presents a good perspective on time management and intentional living, but it’s overly simplistic, and there’s nothing deep or novel. Smith’s advice: live for God, determine your...

  • Erlyn Lazaro

    I was glad I picked this book and I must say that I was rather blown away by the simplicity of the concepts presented by Mr. Smith. Truly, brevity is the soul of wit. Robert Smith's 20,000 Days and Co...

  • Cheree

    20,000 Days is a quick read. coincidentally, I received this book on my 20,000th day of being alive. This was not by design (or at least not by my design!). I simply heard about the book (I believe vi...

  • Joe Cassada

    A very brief book with not a little filler. Not a bad book, but not a great one, or even an interesting one. Smith regurgitates a lot of pep-talk jargon. Nothing new, no incredible insights, just a re...

  • Loren

    I was first drawn to this book by the author's association with Andy Andrews, of whom I am a huge fan. Robert D. Smith works from the premise that one day he realized he'd lived 20,000 days of his lif...

  • Tia

    I stumbled upon this book because a friend's wife recommended it to him. I think this possible was the best (& a quick read) read I have read in awhile. Some of the statements just linger in the mind ...

  • Rick Theule

    Great book to help you determine your passion in life!...

  • John Browning

    Great short read for a better perspective on life. ...

  • Kevin

    I have heard or read all, at least most... of this before. I gave it 5 stars because I was able to hear the message better. Also its brevity. Maybe I just read it at the right time. Some thing resonat...

  • Connie

    What is important right now? and What is next? Two questions to ask yourself. Our homework from the book club was to write our life purpose. This was a good process for me. Another great thought from ...